How are kids matched up to practice/wrestle together?

Children are matched by age, weight, and experience.  More experienced students are more versatile in the number of different partners they can work with.


Do you offer competitions?

Yes, we sometimes offer Takedown Tournaments.  If the tournament is run during class time, there is no charge if your child is currently registered in the Grapplin’ Gorillas program.


Do you have a rewards system?

Yes.  Children receive a sticker for good participation (listening skills and effort) on their scorecard at the conclusion of each class. Upon completing two scorecards, they are promoted to the next level and receive a new shirt. There are four levels:

1. White

2. Grey

3. Black

4. Camouflage

Bonus stickers are sometimes awarded in class.  Students who participate in either a Grapplin’ Gorillas or outside tournament receive three bonus stickers.


Can missed classes be carried over to the next season?

There is no carry-over policy with classes.  By purchasing a package for multiple seasons however, you can save over 10%, the equivalent of receiving at least three free classes (depending on the season and package).


Is there an equipment requirement?

No.  Children ages 6 and up who are registered for a season will receive gently used shoes for the season through Grapplin’ Gorillas, included in the registration.  Headgear and kneepads are optional, and can be purchased on our equipment page.

Parents are free to purchase their own shoes and headgear outside of the Grapplin’ Gorillas program.


What is your student/coach ratio?

For children grades Pre-K through two, the ratio is typically 5 to 1.  For students ages 6 and up, it does not exceed 8 to 1.