“I feel more a part of the wrestling community than I feel I belong to the community of arts and letter. Why? Because wrestling requires even more dedication than writing because wrestling represents the most difficult and rewarding objective that I have ever dedicated myself to; because wrestling and wrestling coaches are among the most disciplined and self-sacrificing people I have ever known.” -John Irving


If you are looking for a youth wrestling school in Manhattan that focuses on wrestling instruction for elementary school aged children, then you have come to the right place!  Grapplin’ Gorillas Youth Wrestling School is the only wrestling program in Manhattan, New York City that focuses on teaching children in the Pre-K through 6th grade age group (elementary school wrestling).

Our Manhattan school of wrestling incorporates wrestling games, rolling, tumbling, strength exercises, and stretching into every session.  Our rolling/tumbling activities include cartwheels, forward rolls, and side rolls.  As wrestling is a total body sport, we help children by creating fun games that develop their core, lower and upper body strength.  Stretching is a part of every Grapplin’ Gorillas Youth Wrestling class.

At Grapplin’ Gorillas Youth Wrestling School, children grades Pre-K through six will have the opportunity to learn how to wrestle while learning important lessons about fitness, nutrition, responsibility, and character.  Sportsmanship and character development are very important at Grapplin’ Gorillas.  Children shake hands before and after live wrestling, and are instructed to show respect for other kids they compete against in games.

Our wrestling coaches are experienced in teaching youth wrestling to children ages 3 years old through 13 years old.  Our Manhattan wrestling coaches teach wrestling techniques in a way that is very effective in motivating youth wrestlers.  At Grapplin’ Gorillas Youth Wrestling School of Manhattan, NY our wrestling instruction is based on teaching children how to wrestle in a safe way that promotes confidence and self-esteem while reinforcing the proper wrestling techniques.  There is closely monitored live wrestling at every Grapplin’ Gorillas Youth Wrestling session.

We offer year-round youth wrestling, including youth wrestling after school programs, youth wrestling summer camp programs and youth wrestling birthday parties.  Our program provides kids the opportunity to wrestle, whether they continue to wrestle at the middle and high school level or not.

Mission Statement
We believe that wrestling is a sport through which the most important lessons in life can be taught.  In the Grapplin’ Gorillas Youth Wrestling Program, our aim is to teach kids, through wrestling, about the importance of exercise, fitness, and sportsmanship.  We strive to show children how to compete with character, as is reflected in our slogan; “Empowering Kids Through Wrestling!”

How We Started
Grapplin’ Gorillas began offering wrestling instruction in 2005 when a parent approached coach Rodriguez looking for a unique type of workout for her son.  Shortly after, the son invited two friends, and the Grapplin’ Gorillas Youth Wrestling Program was born!